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Finance Directors Turning SME's into Profit Leaders

Control Your Finances; Resolve Issues; Grow.


Do you have a great business that could do with some help with its financial management,  planning and direction? Might you need help in any of these areas of your business? -

  • Relief from cash flow problems
  • Improved business information on your margins, your costs & profitability
  • To be able to invest more time in sales & operations, not held back by financial concerns

Would you like to develop -

  • Confidence, trust and pride in your decision-making
  • A plan to target and achieve growth
  • Value For Money from your business, so that you can achieve your dreams
  • A good relationship with your bank manager
  • Time away from the business for holidays with your loved ones.


 Part-time finance directors :

We recognise that while large businesses have a full time finance director, this is often not realistic for small or medium enterprises (SMEs).  The suite of services we offer addresses the concerns of SMEs through the various stages of their life.


You may find our experience invaluable as a sounding board for your business ideas, whether you need help for special  projects or for the long term. We can also bring the experience that large multinationals have used to gain their success.


No-obligation meeting:. See our testimonials from businesses we helped to resolve issues and grow.  Call us on   0777 197 6665 for a no obligation meeting  to start improving your business today.




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Shaun always gave a valuable contribution when we needed to review business

strategy or seek answers to difficult business challenges.  (Testimonials)



Expert Finance Director services offered in the Thames Valley: Berkshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Bucks. Sector specialist or generalist? You can benefit from our experience, ideas and solutions.

Member of FinanceHeads, professional finance directors: we help other professional FD's with our expertise and vice versa. You get expert, comprehensive advice and solutions wherever you are in your growth plan.


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