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Finance Directors Turning SME's into Profit Leaders

Achievements and Strategy

Most businesses have a similar range of management, strategy and direction issues. Using our large and small business experience we will bring relevant methods from successful leading enterprises. On a part-time basis we have brought to SMEs:Keeping fit

  •  large company planning
  •  large company analysis
  •  large company strategy
  •  large company management and direction
  •  large company success

Particular achievements include:                   

  1.     Improved the cash-flow of many SMEs, one example by £200k;
  2.     Improved business information many times. We find out true margins by each income stream and so you know where best to invest
  3.     Substantial systems installations and configuration:ensured new software kit worked first time and management/staff got desired solutions;
  4.     Raised gross margins by 3%, partially due to our unique analyses (extra margin of £1.5m pa)
  5.     Balanced realistic business plans that kept a €2.4m business alive, increased bank funding for a £1.4m business and helped sell a third business to a venture capitalist;
  6.     Innovative route that saved high margin uninsurable credit sales;
  7.     Thanked for "can do" attitude by directors, helping sales, clarifying what will work best in commerce.

Ultimately, after your planning and business valuation, do you know what you should be measuring regularly, to find more action points for improvement?

Do you wish to fully understand all the financial reports you get so you know what decisions to take?


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