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Finance Directors Turning SME's into Profit Leaders

Do you know what you don't know?

I presented "Managing a business" to people who own and run SME's, to help them understand the foundations for growth in good (timely, comprehensive & accurate) management information.  Plus they thanked me for learning far more about what they should be managing, all those KPI's they did not know is vital to run their business well, to maximise resources and release pressure on their constraints.


All participants said:

  • they learned something new
  • they did not know what they did not know !!!
  • They have a better idea now.

Do you have competitors who are doing better than you? Wonder if maybe they manage more of their business than you? Our experience and curiousity can help SME's collectdata to manage their business better.

I have helped many companies (large, small, different business sectors) grow their regular information they get, to sumplement data gathering to find the key perfomance indicators (KPI's) that will identify what needs prompt addressing. All of them did not know that there were certain important areas which they failed to measure. If you do not measure something, how can you see when/if it needs your attention to improve?

It delights me to see people's eyes light up on seeing new ideas that they can use immediately for their business management.  So give us a call and see if you are managing all of your business. After all everybody can learn what they do not know, but the important thing is to know what you do not know.

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