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Finance Directors Turning SME's into Profit Leaders

You will often have one-off projects where you can use our experience, skills and judgement:


•    Financial Modelling
Having prepared and taught Advanced Excel lessons and made different models for every situations, you can get comprehensive financial models to help you judge any situation.

You will need these to manage your current operations, raise finance for potential investors/banks., plan changes to your future business, estimate sale value  of your business and see the impact on your profits and cashflow. With of course a given sensitivity analysis.

We specialise in an easy-edit structure so outputs are clear and organised, with clear error checks and outputs in the best format for you to understand, with sensitivity analysis, that suits your management and planning needs.

  • Balanced Forecasts with full Balance sheet, P&L and cashflow
    Monthly Accounting reports versus budget
    Key Performance Indicator Reports
    Budget compilations by cost centre or business or income stream;
    Annual extended trail balances for statutory accounts.

•    Post-acquisition integration    bring new finance depts. to your speed, your reporting and with your care and attention

•    IT systems:     design and configure your processes and test your outputs. This needs careful consideration and planning to ensure you get an improved management tool. Too many underestimate and the need for user training and change in internal processes. Make sure you start off right.

•    Business Planning    Spend time ON your business as well as IN it. If you fail to plan then what can you hope to achieve? Make plans for your business, set your standard high and give yourself a better chance to manage its success.


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